Forestry, Forest, Paper and Woodworking Industry is an interdepartmental scientific and technical collection, founded in 1964 at the Lviv Forestry Institute (today - Ukrainian National Forestry University).

Publisher: State Higher Educational Institution «Ukrainian National Forestry University» (UNFU).

ISSN: 0130-9080 (Print), ISSN: 2312-9786 (Online).

Certificate of the print mass media state registration: series KV, No. 11890-761PR of 26 Oct. 2006.

Publication type for the intended purpose: scientific production.

Publication frequency: 1-2 issues per year.

Categories of readers: scientists, subject specialists, graduate students, masters.


Prof. Volodymyr Mayevskyy – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Ukrainian National Forestry University, Lviv.

Deputies Head of the Board:

Assoc. Prof. Vasyl Lavnyy – Dr. Sc. (Agr.), Ukrainian National Forestry University,

Assoc. Prof. Serhiy Gayda – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Ukrainian National Forestry University.

Languages of the publication: Ukrainian, English; an issue of the scientific publication is carried out in a mixed-language edition.

Program goals and basic principles: publication of original research works on theoretical and applied issues of forestry and landscape gardening, paper industry, resource-saving and environmentally-friendly woodprocessing technologies, forest engineering, forestry machinery and mechanisms, information technologies of the industry, environmental economics and management, ecology and nature-reserve management and studies.

The field of science and sections of the journal: forest management (forest science and forestry, forest cultures, phytomelioration, selection and genetics, forest inventory and forest regulation, forest protection and game management); forest industry - forestry engineering (information science, technology, engineering, impact on the environment); woodworking industry (resource-saving and environmentally-friendly of the woodworking and furniture technologies); sector economics (planning and management of forest products industry, environmental economics and  management); ecology and nature conservation  (state of environmental safety, environment protection, nature-reserve management).

Problems and themes: forestry and landscape gardening; forest engineering; forestry machinery and mechanisms; woodworking and furniture technologies; woodprocessing information technologies; nature-reserve management and studies; environmental economics; environmental ecology.

The goal of the journal is to eliminate the gap, which occurs between the rapidly emerging new scientific knowledge and their introduction in the industry, which requires much more time. That is, prompt verification by experts of the practical value of scientific technological ideas and hypotheses, which are recommended for introduction by the scientists-authors of the journal «Forestry, forestr, paper and woodworking  industry».

The objective of the collection is to transfer effective new scientific developments and practical recommendations from science to the forestry, paper and wood processing industries.

According to the decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Journal «Forestry, Forest, Paper and Woodworking Industry» are included in the List of the Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine, in which the results of dissertations for obtaining academic degrees Doctor of Sciences and Kandуdat Nauk (PhD) may be published in the following fields: Agricultural sciences (of 7 Oct. 2015, No. 1021), Technical sciences (of 21 Dec. 2015, No. 1328).

Open access policy. This journal is practicing a policy of immediate open access to published content, supporting the principles of the free flow of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for the general social progress.